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This year marks an upcoming decade of new types of attacks and patterns from cybercriminals. However, that also means the industry will see the emergence of new forms of defence and ways of fighting off these criminals.

In its newly-launched Threat Report 2020, Webroot noted that there has been a 640 per cent increase in phishing attempts.

The report also observed that there was a 125 per cent increase in malware targeting Windows 7, which recently saw it support end. In fact, Windows 7 devices are nearly three times more likely to be infected than their Windows 10 counterparts.

In this webinar, Tyler Moffitt, senior threat research analyst at Webroot, unpacks the cybersecurity trends that will shape the next 10 years.

Key discussion points will include:
  • Trends in malware, who it affects, where it hides, and geographical and industry analysis
  • URL classifications and security trends, including cryptojacking
  • Phishing attacks and their targets
  • Malicious IP addresses and their impact on security
  • The continuing scourge of ransomware
  • Mobile app threats and how they are evolving



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Tyler Moffitt

Senior Threat Research Analyst

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Tyler Moffitt is a Senior Threat Research Analyst and a key member of Webroot's global Threat Research Team.

Over the past 6 years, he has been immersed deep within the world of malware and antimalware - working directly with malware samples, creating antimalware intelligence, writing blogs, delivering keynotes at security conferences, and testing in-house tools. Tyler has a passion for hands-on learning and likes to spend his time gathering malware samples from the wild to test and improve Webroot solutions’ capabilities to handle the latest threats.