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As conversations around AI permeate almost every aspect of modern business, organisations want to invest in AI but many don’t know where to start. Often, they may not know how the technology applies to their organisation’s unique needs and ways of working.
In the current economic climate, organisations cannot afford to put money in ventures that do not further business objectives or lead to new lines of business. Budgets are under increasing scrutiny, meaning businesses must also demonstrate ROI and value for money, which can become complex when approaching emerging solutions. Paying lip service to new technologies such as AI is not enough, and must come with a strong business case and clear strategy for generating value.

Those in the channel are also under pressure to demonstrate their commitment to AI, as their customers expect more from partnerships, including access to up-to-date tools and the expertise to set them apart from the competition. 

This webinar and white paper, supported by bespoke research from CRN, will explore how those in the channel can harness the opportunities creates by AI to further their own business objectives and pass on wins to their customers, be it increased productivity, better use of data, bolstering security, or a myriad of other use cases. It will ask how those in the channel that do not have the necessary resources or AI know-how can make the most of partner programmes, and how AI fits in with wider ESG objectives.

Andrea Gaini

Andrea Gaini

Senior Reporter at CRN

Andrea Gaini is a business and tech journalist based in London, UK. He is currently a Senior Reporter at CRN UK. He has previously worked across business, tech and science publications such as TechRadar, Materials World and Wales Business Insider. Andrea has a Master's degree in Magazine Journalism and a BA in Journalism and Politics from Cardiff University.
James Woods

James Woods

Public Cloud Director UK&I, Arrow Electronics


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